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  • Working Mom1

    Working, Parenting, Regret, and the Spaces in Between


    “Why I Regret Being a Stay-at-Home Mum.” It’s the sort of title that is intended to spark clicks and controversy. One that might also be intended to add some fuel to the fire of the ever-inane “Mommy Wars.” Whatever the case, when I saw the …

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  • Jessica Simpson

    How to Talk about Celebrity and Non-Celebrity Pregnancy Weight Gain


    Though celebrities’ complaints about the burdens of fame sometimes seem shallow and out of touch, there are some instances in which the burden of celebrity appears to be totally, unbearably legit. Take, for example, the appalling and often cruel scrutiny to which celebrities’ pregnant bodies …

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  • Ican Cam

    Cesarean Awareness


    I am passionate about maternity care advocacy.  I am passionate about VBAC advocacy.  I am passionate about cesarean awareness and informed options in maternity care and ensuring that the U.S. maternity system takes seriously the public health implications of the high cesarean rates among states …

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  • Bibsquare E1356915815791

    This Mommy Doesn’t go to Cutesy-Wutesy Bloggy Conferences for the Silly-Willy Frivolity


    When I had my first post-college job at a law firm in Chicago, the firm sponsored all sorts of outings and events, such as baseball games, fancy dinners, etc.  The partners even sponsored a ridiculously generous white elephant gift exchange over the holidays, where all …

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  • Photo 8

    On the Moral Repugnance of Checking one’s Phone at the Playground


    For years now, there have been cutesy little memes floating around the Internet (and who knows, maybe even a few greeting cards too) imploring mothers–and let’s be honest, they’re nearly always directed at mothers–to stop messing around with their phones at the playground because THE KIDS! and …

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