Tampon Angel Ornaments: A Tutorial

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Tampon Angel Ornaments: A Tutorial


Over the weekend, I attended a neighborhood holiday party  that had what is quite possibly the most delightful, awesome theme I’ve ever encountered in a holiday party: “Drunken Ornament Making Night.”

That’s right.  Drunken Ornament Making Night.  At a house that was just one block away from my home, thereby eliminating the need for a designated driver.  A house where the hostess had a pitcher of Kool-Aid and vodka waiting for her guests, thereby leading me to promptly set aside my bottle of Malbec and fill up a glass with cherry-red bliss.

But the night wasn’t just about drinking and sharing in the holiday spirit(s).  It was also about getting crafty with Christmas ornaments.  (And I do mean crafty.  They had just about every craft supply you could think of, including about seventeen shades of glitter, a box full of paint, and two glue gun stations.  I don’t even own a glue gun.  Nor do I possess much craftiness, but this should become more apparent in just a bit.)

As I learned, one of the traditions at Drunken Ornament Making Night is to create a famed Tampon Angel Ornament.  That’s right–tampons angels to hang from the Christmas tree.  (Are you jealous about how amazing my neighbors are yet?)  The hostess with the kickass mostess suggested that I post a tutorial for said tampon angels on the blog, and today I am taking her up on her wise suggestion.

So now I give you to, my friends, a tampon angel ornament tutorial.

photo (7)1. According to the seasoned ornament makers, it is essential to use OB tampons.  For whatever reason, other brands aren’t…angelic enough, I suppose.  They don’t expand right or something.  In any case, after you’ve chosen the lucky tampon, unwrap it from the plastic, hold it by the string, and dip just a very small part very briefly in some water.  If you need more direction, try dipping about 1/4 inch of the tampon in a teeny bit of water–just enough to be able to expand the tampon a bit to create a little skirt for your angel.  (Adorable, right?!)

photo (8)

2. Pull at the top of the tampon (where the string is) to make the angel’s head and face.  Pull at the bottom of the tampon to make the angel’s skirt.  Then tie a string around the top third of the tampon to separate the head/face and skirt areas (see above image).

photo (6)

3. Give your tampon angel a little face.  You can create eyes and a mouth with a marker, glitter, paint, sequins, or whatever craft supplies you have available.  (I am so much of a useless and talentless crafter that I’d only have a black Sharpie at my disposal here at my house.  You’ll see in a bit why creating an angel face with a black Sharpie–as I did during Drunken Ornament Making Night–isn’t always the best idea.)

photo (5)

4. Choose some fabric, tulle, shiny paper, etc. for the tampon angel’s wings.  Tie in the center with a piece of string.  You can also make a halo out of pipe cleaners.  Cute, right?

photo (4)

5. Glue the wings and/or the halo to the back of the angel’s body.  Hang the angel on your tree (or, as seen here, from your ceiling fan) by the tampon string.  You don’t even need an ornament hook!  Delight in telling your friends that that supercute angel on your Christmas tree is not just a supercute angel–it’s a supercute tampon angel, thankyouverymuch.

photo (3)6. Try not to make your tampon angels as ugly as mine.  The little “angel” on the left was dipped in the water a wee bit too long.  Then I took a black Sharpie to its face and accidentally turned it into a terrified ghost angel.  It kind of looks like a mix between the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and Kenny from South Park.  This, of course, is awesome in its own little way.

The one on the right had promise until I added the crumpled wings to it.  Anti-craft that I am, I forgot to tie the wings in the center–something I didn’t realize would be a problem until I had already glue-gunned the wings of doom to the back of the tampon.

The saddest part is that I was stone cold sober when I made these angels too.

But at least I can still craft a tampon angel ornament tutorial, ammiright?!

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