Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt


We all know that I’m no Pinterest Mom.

I mean, I’m on Pinterest. I pin stuff, often with every intention of actually doing said stuff. (Once, I even made cookies from this amazing recipe that I found on Pinterest. Yay for follow through!)

But few things in my house are pinnable. Not unless, of course, you’re talking about ironic pinnability, and I’ve already addressed that in a blog post from last year. (Go ahead and read it. It’s a triumph in my personal brand of snarkiness.)

I’m just not crafty. I don’t have an artistic eye. And though I’ll admit that I make some pretty darn delicious meals every once in a while, my attempts to photograph them often look like someone trying to take a picture through a snot-smeared iPhone lens. Which, in some cases, might be literally true.

In any case, despite my personal unpinnability and lack of craftiness…(I’ll pause for a moment so that you may look upon me in pity)…I sometimes find a good deal of inspiration on Pinterest. And just the other day, I found a kids game that sparked my interest. Or my pinterest, if you’re in the mood for really terrible puns.

alphabet scavenger huntThe game itself was called an alphabet scavenger hunt (found here on the PlayDrMom blog). Though this pin didn’t offer many instructions for the game itself, the idea is something like this:

  1. Use either magnets or chalk to spell out the letters of the alphabet in order. (I initially used bright blue chalk but then ran out of bright blue and had to write “t-u-v-w-x-y-z” in light blue chalk. This is why I’m not a Pinterest Mom.)
  2. Search around the house and find items such as toys, clothes, fruits, vegetables, etc. that begin with each letter in the alphabet. (I could not for the life of me find an item that began with the letter “i.” I mean, I did find an ice pick, but I’m not sure that an ice pick is a “child appropriate toy.” So we just plain didn’t have something beginning with the letter “i” in our game. Again, see: why I’m not a Pinterest Mom.)
  3. Set out all of these items around your yard or the park or your bedroom or wherever it is you are playing. Ask your kids to match them up with the letter with which they begin. So “bracelet” would go with the letter “b,” “zebra” with the letter “z,” and so on.
  4. Look on in delight as your children grow their literacy skills like precious flowers planted in rich, Pinterest-worthy soil!

In all sincerity, it was wonderful to watch the boys play this game. Miles (7) had fun testing me on whether a pair of pants would go with the letter “p” or with the letter “j” since they were, more specifically, jeans. Alec (5) had fun demonstrating his knowledge of letters and letter sounds. Even Eric (16 months) had fun stealing the orange from the letter “o” spot and throwing it into the street. Hooray for alphabet hooliganism!

We also decided that there were many ways that we could alter the game throughout the summer to keep it fresh and exciting. For instance, in future alphabet scavenger hunts, we could:

  • spell out lower case letters instead of upper case ones
  • ask the kids to find only those items beginning with a consonant or a vowel
  • hide the items throughout the yard so that the kids would have to search harder to find them
  • spell out words or even the kids’ names (instead of spelling all 26 letters in alphabetical order)
  • ask the kids to write all of the letters themselves

At this rate, I think that it’s an activity that will keep us busy–and perhaps even slightly pin-worthy–all summer long.


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  1. Sarah Vernon-Scott
    Sarah Vernon-Scott06-06-2013

    Score! I pin with abandon, knowing I'll rarely do any of the things I pin (besides recipes, I've actually made some of the recipes I've pinned with some success, though they look NOTHING like the photos on pinterest, they taste good).

  2. Sarah L
    Sarah L06-06-2013

    “Alphabet hooliganism” is my favorite! What a fun activity (and dare I say doable, considering my own inability to follow through on pinterest projects).

  3. Katie K
    Katie K06-09-2013

    LOL “alphabet holliganism”! Love it. I’m an inveterate pinner, but never a do-er of the pins themselves!
    Katie K´s last blog post ..Birthing Part 2

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