The Good Mother Myth (Or: I’m Gonna be in a Book!)


The Good Mother Myth (Or: I’m Gonna be in a Book!)


I’m pretty sure that any sentence that begins with the phrase “ever since I was a little girl/boy” is a sentence that’s bound to include some smarmy, sweeping ode to things like hopes and dreams and wishes, and maybe even unicorns.

This next sentence is about to do just that (except without the unicorns).

Because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be a published author.

I mean, I also wanted to be a rockstar. (And I was in a band in college, and we even released an EP wherein at least half the songs were penned by yours truly, though I’m not sure I ever fulfilled the whole “star” part of that dream. In fact, I’m sure that I did not.) And I wanted to be a teacher. (I have over 250 former students to prove that this dream did indeed come true.)

But up until last year, I had never seriously pursued my dream of becoming a published author.

Then something magical* happened.

(*Clarification: there was no magic. What happened was a mix of good luck, a good deal of writing-that-was-hard-work, and a crap ton of hard work on the part of a woman I’m about to mention here in a few.)

Back in March 2012, Avital Norman Nathman of The Mamafesto wrote a piece on the Ms. Magazine blog about feminist parenting blogs. She mentioned Birthing Beautiful Ideas in this piece, and I squealed louder than a whole farm of pigs because hello! Ms. Magazine! No way!

Soon after, Avital sent out a call for papers for a book project she was envisioning. She called it The Good Mother Myth, and she was looking for pieces that would “dismantle the myth of the ‘good mother’ by sharing essays from women whose voices and stories are normally silenced or ignored within the mainstream narrative of motherhood.”

Avital’s vision for this book sounded incredible. It sounded like something that I’d want to not only write about but also read.

And so I got brave. I didn’t feel brave, I just got brave. And I wrote and submitted an essay. (And Avital worked hard to find a publisher.) And my essay was accepted. (And the editors worked with the contributors to polish our pieces for publication.)

And now in January 2014, I will officially be a  published author (alongside this astonishing list of contributors whose accolades and accomplishments make me feel very silly and small, but I’m going to set aside these feelings of inadequacy and put on that brave fa(r)ce again).

I’m not going to beg you to buy the book, but I will say this: If The Good Mother Myth sounds like something that’s right up your parental alley, then by all means, BUY THE BOOK! Ahem. Please.

I’m obviously excited about this, and it is obviously a dream come true for me, and more importantly than all my self-centered celebrations, the book is a remarkable project that combines the insights and experiences of a whole host of writers, mothers, and more. It’s also centered on a conversation that is timely, interesting, and right in line with what I think so many parents are yearning to hear. I’ve even heard about a few groups deciding to add it to their book club rotation this winter. SQUEEEEEEE! (<—–This is what Serious Authors say when their books might be added to someone’s book club.)

You can stay up-to-date on all things related to The Good Mother Myth by:

1 Signing up for The Good Mother Myth newsletter.


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2 Pre-ordering the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local indie bookstore.

3 Checking out the book’s website, where you can find links about upcoming events, press, and more.

And then you can keep following me here and elsewhere on the interwebs because lord knows I’m sure to talk about the book two or three or four-hundred more times between now and January.



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  1. Rachel Parris
    Rachel Parris08-27-2013


    • BirthingBeautifulIdeas

      Thanks, Rachel!

  2. Ren

    This is so amazing! Of course I will buy the book!

  3. Sadye Dexter
    Sadye Dexter09-06-2013

    So happy for you! Congratulations!

  4. Khaleelah

    I think this is awesome!! Congratulations on your dream of being a published author – well deserved!! And this definitely sounds like a book I would enjoy reading :)
    Khaleelah´s last blog post ..It’s the Silence that Kills Me

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