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  • Ican Cam

    Cesarean Awareness


    I am passionate about maternity care advocacy.  I am passionate about VBAC advocacy.  I am passionate about cesarean awareness and informed options in maternity care and ensuring that the U.S. maternity system takes seriously the public health implications of the high cesarean rates among states …

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  • Bibsquare E1356915815791

    Know Someone Who’s Pregnant? Share This.


    Within the past couple years, a number of maternal-infant health organizations have launched campaigns to educate the public about the benefits of waiting for labor to begin on its own: that is, waiting for it to begin without a non-medically indicated induction or cesarean section. …

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  • Bullies Have No Place in Maternity Care


    Many of us know what bullying looks like in the classroom or on the playground. Shoving kids into lockers.  Taunting and teasing.  Menacing and intimidating. It’s horrifying and traumatizing and terrible. But did you know that bullying can exist in the exam room and the …

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  • Uterine Scars and Scares: How to Make Sense of Rupture Statistics


    Today, guest poster and’s VBAC Support Board Moderator, Pam Candelaria, talks about uterine rupture statistics.  Specifically, she helps to clarify which statistics are relevant when it comes to choosing between VBAC and repeat cesarean, and which statistics are…well, not that relevant at all for …

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  • April is the Coolest Month


    Why is April the “coolest month*”? For one, it’s Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM). Sponsored by the International Cesarean Awareness Network, CAM is intended to raise awareness about cesarean section and its consequences for mothers and babies. This month of awareness-raising is especially important at a …

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