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  • Stop Saying That: Formula-Fed Babies Edition


    It’s no big secret that I’m a breastfeeding advocate.  I’ve written enough about breastfeeding and breastmilk on here that this point should be obvious. But as ardently as I support breastfeeding and breastfeeding women and breastfeeding in public and pumping in the workplace and pretty …

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  • Sleeping Baby

    Boobs, Bottles, Advocacy, and Shame: Logic to the Rescue?


    Thanks to Catherine Connors’ (i.e. Her Bad Mother) recent post on Babble*, there is currently a discussion–large, heated, fascinating discussion–brewing about shame, breastfeeding advocacy, formula-feeding, and the purported harms of formula marketing. Upon reading Connors’ post and its related comments–and any number of reactions to …

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  • Julie Schantz: My Birth Hero!


    Today’s “Birth Heroes” post features Julie Schantz, a super-wise, rock and roll, earth mama-of-two friend of mine from Asheville, North Carolina.  How do I know Julie?  Let me try and make this story as non-convoluted as possible: In my early years as an indie rock …

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  • Navigating the Milky Waters of Breastfeeding Advice


    I’m writing this post under a virtual clear plastic tarp in hopes that it will protect me from all of the rotten tomatoes, Similac-filled water balloons, and laser beams of disgust that are about to get hurled my way. You see, I’ve been wondering about …

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  • The baby-feeding dialogues: all mothers deserve better support and care


    For the past few days, I have been following the spirited discussions and debates spurred by the recent interactions between the bloggers at Nursing Birth and The Fearless Formula Feeder.  In a nutshell, at the center of the debate is not only FFF’s critique of …

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