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    Know Someone Who’s Pregnant? Share This.


    Within the past couple years, a number of maternal-infant health organizations have launched campaigns to educate the public about the benefits of waiting for labor to begin on its own: that is, waiting for it to begin without a non-medically indicated induction or cesarean section. …

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  • Fragile Beginnings

    Fragile Beginnings: A Book Review


    About a month ago, I heard what I thought was a familiar story on my morning drive to Alec’s preschool. The person speaking on NPR’s Morning Edition was describing the history of medical care for premature infants, the development of NICUs in the United States, …

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  • Leapfrog

    New Data and Resources on Early Elective Birth


    From a press release published today: The employer-driven hospital quality watchdog, The Leapfrog Group, issued a Call to Action in response to its new data finding that thousands of babies are electively scheduled for delivery too early, resulting in a higher likelihood of death, being …

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  • How Hospital Policies can Help to Prevent Premature Births


    Every year in the United States, 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely. This is a staggering rate, especially when one considers not only the economic costs of prematurity but also–and more importantly–its health and emotional costs. There are many things that women can do …

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  • Fight FOR preemies and AGAINST early inductions and c-sections


    The March of Dimes has designated November as “Prematurity Awareness Month.”  As part of their campaign to increase awareness about prematurity and its serious risks to newborns, they have called for bloggers to write posts about premature awareness and to publish those posts today, November …

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