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  • Fragile Beginnings Giveaway


    Last month, I reviewed Fragile Beginnings: Discoveries and Triumphs in the Newborn ICU.   Written by a physician who experienced the trials of prematurity firsthand, (Dr. Adam Wolfberg’s third child was born fourteen weeks premature), the book weaves together first person narrative with the history, …

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  • Fragile Beginnings

    Fragile Beginnings: A Book Review


    About a month ago, I heard what I thought was a familiar story on my morning drive to Alec’s preschool. The person speaking on NPR’s Morning Edition was describing the history of medical care for premature infants, the development of NICUs in the United States, …

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  • My Darkest Hour


    Today’s guest post is from Mama Mo: Mama Mo is a full time mama, part-time blogger.  She collects her musings, mutterings, and memories about the life of a nursing mama of twins at Attached at the Nip.  She is honored to be sharing her story …

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  • Dear Baby: Thirty-Six Weeks, Four Days


    Dear Baby, After six-plus weeks of heightened stress and anxiety and uncertainty on my part, I want to thank you. Thank you for waiting to be born. Thank you for refusing to allow my personal stress to send those signals to you that it’s better …

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  • Dear Baby: Thirty-Three Weeks, Five Days


    Dear Baby, As these past few weeks have ticked by, I’ve kept a running mental note of how you might fare if you were born early, given your gestational age. This shouldn’t be all that surprising: I am, after all, not only a doula but …

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