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  • Attention all moms, doulas, nurses, midwives, birth bloggers…


    …and ANYONE who cares about or is interested in childbirth and healthy birth practices! Lamaze International recently updated and released its Lamaze Healthy Birth Practice Papers.  These evidence-based articles, which identify what Lamaze International considers to be the six care practices that help to promote safe, healthy, and …

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  • A VBAC scare tactic interlude


    I have now written five posts on “VBAC scare tactics,” or “the (outrageous) statements [that] are often misleading, exaggerated efforts by OBs (and yes, even midwives) to discourage women from VBAC and to encourage them to “choose” a repeat cesarean.”  I plan to write more–many …

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  • VBAC Scare Tactics (3): An Early Eviction Date


    Many women who want to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (or VBAC, pronounced “vee-back”) in the U.S. have faced some sort of opposition from their care providers when they have expressed their desire to VBAC.  Oftentimes, this opposition comes in the form of ” …

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